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  • Author: Alexa Riley
  • Pages: 109
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 6-04-2016, 20:55
  • Category: Adult Novels

The first time Flynn Long sees her, she's lying on a bed in lingerie. The picture is soft, just like her curves, and instantly he's obsessed.

Cali Carr is at the end of her full-figure modeling career when she's hired for a new campaign. But when the owner of the company steps out of the shadows and starts calling the shots, a job is the last thing it feels like.

Love at first sight isn't supposed to be real. One touch isn't supposed to ignite so much. A single picture isn't supposed to drive a man insane. But luckily for us it's happening in Curvy!

Warning: Over the top isn't strong enough for what this short story is. It's velvety sweetness coated in insta-love cheese, and it's waiting for you to take a bite.

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