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Daddy Seth and Missy

  • Author: Abby Collier
  • Pages: 126
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 15-12-2016, 12:02
  • Category: Adult Novels

Although they might be a husband and wife in public, behind closed doors, Seth pretends to be a "daddy" to his "little girl", Missy.

This series was originally published in two books, with each chapter being a different story. Because of this, you'll get to see the tale written in a few different ways sometimes as an essay as part of a punishment, sometimes in 3rd person, and sometimes through the eyes of Missy as you follow Daddy's strict punishments and his love. Each chapter has a small plot of its own:

1. Daddy Seth & Missy

Missy is not feeling well. But Daddy knows what Missy needs. Includes spanking, diaper play, rectal temperature-taking, and dildo punishment.

2. Punishment Night

It's Sunday night, Missy's punishment night. And Daddy makes sure his little girl is a very sorry little girl by the time the night is over. Includes severe spanking and anal punishment.

3. Tummy Ache

Even after a nice day out, Melissa Ann is pouty. She says she has a stomach ache to get out of her chores. Daddy knows what to do know. Includes diaper play and enema punishment.

4. Missy's Day Out

It's Saturday - Missy's special day out with Daddy. But today Missy is grumpy and it shows. When Missy throws a tantrum in a store, she's marched home for one of the most severe punishments Daddy has ever given. Involves severe spanking and enema punishment.

5. What Daddy's Little Girl Has Learned

Missy has to write down all of Daddy's rules... And the consequences for breaking them.

6. Just What She Needs

Daddy loves taking care of his little girl - all of the time. Missy loves it when Daddy takes care of her - most of the time. We learn a bit about how Daddy-Seth and Missy met and how their relationship developed. Contains: Diaper play, medical fetish, spanking.

7. The Ballad of Kent & Lilly

Daddy-Seth and Missy's friends Kent and Lily have a "little girl" and "daddy" relationship of their own. In this story we learn about how their relationship developed - through their first spankings - up to when Lily pretends to be a "little" girl.

8. Play Date

Missy and her friend Lily have a Saturday play date - with both their daddies there to supervise, of course. One little girl can be mischievous - but two can be downright naughty and trouble is not long in coming.

9. A Day In The Life

This is an explicit story detailing a day in Sarah's life with her "daddy". Includes spanking and diaper play.

Age play stories are fantasies in which adult women engage in erotic fantasy play as little girls with pretend "daddies." Nothing in this story should be interpreted as the author's or Blushing Books' advocating corporal punishment of or sexual activity with children. If such material, as well as explicit discipline scenes with spanking and anal play, offends you, please do not buy this book.

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