Download Flirting with Danger (The Agency, #1)

Flirting with Danger (The Agency, #1)

  • Author: Elizabeth Lapthorne
  • Pages: 104
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 2-08-2016, 18:58
  • Category: Adult Novels

Book one in The Agency Series

Skye Adams thought she was meeting her father for an ordinary lunch. Instead she ends up running for her life on a deadly mission with only one man whom she can trust to keep her safe-Jack Berick.

Skye Adams is looking forward to a wonderful lunch with her father – Victor Adams – to celebrate her birthday after he returns from a work trip. Instead of a good meal of Thai food, however, Skye ends up on the run for her life. Black-clad strangers try to kill her, her father’s partner Garth and decimate the restaurant to smoking rubble. Scared out of her mind, Skye turns to the only person she feels she can trust, Jack Berick, a rugged, mysterious man her father once insisted she believe in when all hell were to break loose.

Piecing together a complicated web of lies, half truths and deceit, Skye and Jack must work out not only whom to trust, but figure out what happened to Victor and how to get him back – preferably whole and sound. The further they dig, the more convoluted everything becomes and Skye finally understands the world is not full of black and white, good and evil, but a messy mixture of grey.

In amongst the fear, fire and insanity, more and more Skye realised the searing attraction burning between herself and Jack is the only solid, reliable thing she can depend on. Losing her heart had not been part of the plan, but all too soon the intensity smouldering between them has raged way out of control, and Skye can only see one man dependable enough to remain by her side into the future no matter what might happen. That man is Jack, as they both tempt fate and flirt with danger.

Download Flirting with Danger (The Agency, #1)

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