Download Never Let Go (Take My Hand) (Volume 4)

Never Let Go (Take My Hand) (Volume 4)

  • Author: Nicola Haken
  • Pages: 296
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 1496147464
  • ISBN13: 9781496147462
  • Upload date: 10-03-2016, 19:31
  • Category: Adult Novels

Dexter and Emily have finally become better for each other and they want everything possible to make the other happy. When Dexter finds out that Emily's brother Chris is dying, he does anything to make her feel better. He takes her places to get her mind off of losing the only family she has left. Emily then finds out that her best friend Rachel is pregnant, which if you know Rachel, you would not take her as being a mother, but ends up being a fabulous one. When Emily wanted to talk to her parents and to just visit, she finds something out that she would have never thought about (not going to give everything away). Her father ends up finding out about Chris and becoming a part of their lives, which Chris and Emily always wanted. Chris tells Emily all the things that they kept from her and all Emily can think of is that she is going to lose her brother and she wants to make memories with him. The way that Nicola makes Chris die, is not how you think. It really throws you through a loop. End ending is just so amazing! You will love this book and series!

Download Never Let Go (Take My Hand) (Volume 4)

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