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Sarah's Chase (A Short Story)

  • Author: Lacey Wolfe
  • Pages: 29
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 25-10-2016, 20:49
  • Category: Adult Novels

Sarah has been divorced and is now in her 40's. She can't figure out why a tall thin beautiful lady such as herself can't get any guy to look at her. She is very mad at men and has sworn them off, until NOW. Causing some minor problems that need to be fixed at home she goes down to the local bar and asks the one man she has been watching to come back and help her.

Chase is in his 20's but very atracted to Sarah and sees right through why she invites him to her apartment. When he gets to her place she is in for quite the surprise of what he may expect of her! Will she follow through and do as she is told or will she run and continue to swear off men all together?

Download Sarah's Chase (A Short Story)

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