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  • Author: Shari J. Ryan
  • Pages: 264
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 1620155338
  • ISBN13: 9781620155332
  • Upload date: 1-06-2015, 16:22
  • Category: Adult Novels

Before her death Cali's mom tell's her to "know no one." Now, Cali is on the run and out for revenge on the man that destroyed her family's life. Her father has stolen something that has placed their lives in jeopardy. Cali's father is in hiding and a man named Reaper has already killed Cali's sister, Krissy, to try and pull Cali's father out of hiding. As Cali's life become's more endangered, Cali's father places her under to protection of yet another bodyguard. This bodyguard, Tango, is very different from the other's and has a secret of his own.

From the prologue, I was absolutely hooked. A great blend of new adult romance with suspense and thrills. I was thrown into the suspense and danger of the situation that Cali was in right away. I also immediately got a feel for Cali's character and connected with her, from having to watch her sister be murdered in front of her and knowing that she could have done something about it, was heart-wrenching. However, from that point on I knew that Cali was going to be a pretty kick-butt heroine, and she did not disappoint. When Tango entered the scene, things got even better. A perfectly sculpted marine with an intriguing secret, Cali's character is never quite sure of his intentions, even though she would like to trust him. The point of view switches between Cali and Tango, with a distinct voice for each character. Cali and Tango's relationship is incredible, without any insta-love and with so many sweet moments. This was one that I read in one day!

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