Download The Salvation of Daniel (The Blue Butterfly) (Volume 2)

The Salvation of Daniel (The Blue Butterfly) (Volume 2)

  • Author: D H Sidebottom
  • Pages: 228
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 1502438062
  • ISBN13: 9781502438065
  • Upload date: 28-07-2015, 16:30
  • Category: Adult Novels

DH Sidebottom is a master of manipulation, and will leave you completely blown away by how she plays with your emotions to a tee. She has a way of turning a love hate relationship into utter chaos, leaving you breathless. Decimation of Mae left me absolutely reeling, and she’s outdone herself once again, with The Salvation of Daniel. BRAVO!

Daniel is definitely a character we should hate, I know I’ve wanted to throat punch him numerous times, but I’ve come to realize what we see isn’t always what we get. There’s a force so dark within him, he struggles through the ugly to get to the beautiful, and that’s where his salvation comes to life. His sole purpose in life is to love and protect his young daughter Annie, and he will literally do anything to keep that promise to Annie’s mother Mae, the love of his life. This comes with a price of course, because nothing in Daniel’s life comes easy, hence the hard exterior he shows to others. I will honestly never look at a blue butterfly the same, and you will know what that means after reading this book!

We meet some new characters this time around, and let me just say, they kick some major butt! I adore Connie and Isaac (who I might add is hotter than sin) and they have the most unique relationship I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about, with a crazy tragic past to go along with it. I can’t wait for their story, which is next, and it’s bound to be an explosive one for sure!

Download The Salvation of Daniel (The Blue Butterfly) (Volume 2)

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