Download Undeniable Attraction (Attraction Series) (Volume 1)

Undeniable Attraction (Attraction Series) (Volume 1)

  • Author: J B Heller
  • Pages: 274
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 1508415781
  • ISBN13: 9781508415787
  • Upload date: 14-10-2015, 15:59
  • Category: Adult Novels

Ivy is straight-laced, orderly and responsible. She’s also in love with her boss, Gabe. When Ivy started working for him at his private investigation firm three years ago, she was instantly drawn to him. He’s everything she’s not and everything she wants rough, gritty, sexy, impulsive... Ivy decides to make some changes in order to gain Gabe's attention, but in doing so she inadvertently draws the eye of an unwanted admirer. Gabe is forced to take her, and her rambunctious cousin, Tessa, into his home for their protection. But with Ivy in such close quarters, Gabe’s resolve to stay away from the once shy beauty begins to dissolve at a rapid pace.

Download Undeniable Attraction (Attraction Series) (Volume 1)

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