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Jazz for the Young Pianist

  • Author: Oscar Peterson
  • Pages: 72
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 0849428718
  • ISBN13: 9780849428715
  • Upload date: 2-09-2015, 17:31
  • Category: Art related

Jazz par'o can be a very enjoyable rnusical experence from a listening standpont, to everyone, both aclult and youngster alike. Howeve, when a Derson. whether studied or not classically speakig, attempts to enter the Jazz world from a playing aspect, he often fncls himself harnstrung by many variecl musical inadequacies. Very few people truly ever attribute their lack of abilty to the proper cause, I feel. Many of them blame what they term their creatve nability to conceive jazz phrases, wthout stoppng to realize thal a jazz technique in many ways is a completely new form of technique when comoared with the classical. lt is with this prmary aspect in mnd that lhave conceived this set of beginner's exercses. I feel tht if the player honestly ancl sincerely learns the azz bxercises one at a tme, and after having compteted one, then applies that learnng to the little iazz mnuet that matches the exercise, he will re i effect conditoning the hands for proceedng into deeper jazz playng.

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