Download Into the Darkness (Darkness #1)

Into the Darkness (Darkness #1)

  • Author: K.F. Breene
  • Pages: 193
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 15-04-2015, 20:38
  • Category: Fantasy Novels

***Warning: sexual content!!! 18+ please.***

Sasha has grown up with one surety: she's not normal.

She sees things in the darkness that no one else can see. Mysterious men cloaked in shadow, moving through the night. The problem is, pointing out invisible people is a fast track to a padded cell. Orphaned at age five, Sasha quickly learns an important survival tip: keep her mouth shut and stay out of the spotlight.

Until one night, everything changes. She and her boyfriend, Jared, find themselves stranded on the wrong side of town. Suddenly, the men she was convinced were hallucinations, are very real. And very dangerous.

Sasha must embrace the things she tried so hard to hide, while resisting the person her body craves most. She has finally found her shadow men, and they will change her life forever.

Download Into the Darkness (Darkness #1)

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