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  • Author: Richard Adams
  • Pages: 1221
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 1585677043
  • ISBN13: 9781585677047
  • Upload date: 27-04-2016, 19:08
  • Category: Fantasy Novels

Don't freak out and spout the Tolkien line.....Mr. Hobbit is still the King and I love his work as much as everyone. However, one on one, Maia transcends any single work of fantasy by any author. The richness of storytelling, the depth of submersion you will slip into this story and the absolute believability of the world Mr. Adams has created is absolutely breathtaking.

I don't believe in giving a synopsis of the story. I'm a book fanatic and pitch my tent in the camp that believes a recommendation is good enough. If I for instance had based my decision of whether or not to read this book on a synopsis of the story....well, I wouldn't have read it. Good God I'm lucky I didn't. Instead I'll ask a question. You of course know the feeling of having just finished a book you enjoyed reading. Well, have you been lucky enough to (rarely, even for book fanatics) experience the `tears in your eyes' joy of having just read a book that you actually feel lucky to have found? I mean those very few times that, having just closed the book after reading the last page, you actually notice a few minutes later that you've been sitting there, in silence, still clutching this thing that's all at once no longer just paper and ink bound by glue? Yeah? Well that almost describes the soul deep satisfaction I feel each and every time I read this book.....and I'm not one that usually ever feels the need to read a book twice no matter how much I enjoyed it.

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