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The Scribe (Mindjack Origins)

  • Author: Susan Kaye Quinn
  • Pages: 46
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 19-08-2015, 14:56
  • Category: Fantasy Novels


Twenty-three-year-old Sasha is in search of a mindjacker Clan that won't force him to use his unique skill he can't face the prospect of erasing any more souls. A revolutionary Clan leader offers him a chance to serve a higher purpose, but Sasha's wary that it's only a trick to use his ability. When a beautiful female jacker seeks refuge with them, and her former Clan leader wants her special skill back at any cost, Sasha has to decide if there are any causes worth the price of using his ability one more time.

The Scribe is a short novella (12,000 words or 40 pages) in the Mindjack Origins series, which are companion stories to the bestselling Mindjack Trilogy. The Scribe is Sasha's story and takes place in the time period between Open Minds and Closed Hearts. It contains (minor) spoilers for those two novels.

Mindjack Trilogy (novels): Open Minds, Closed Hearts, Free Souls

Mindjack Origins (shorts): Mind Games (prequel to Open Minds), The Handler, The Scribe

Recommended Reading Order

Mind Games (prequel)

Open Minds

Closed Hearts

The Handler

The Scribe

Free Souls

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Mindjack Origins Collection: ALL THREE Mindjack novellas (Mind Games, The Handler, The Scribe),exclusive deleted scenes from Free Souls, flash fiction, and more

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