Download The Siege of Sol (Guardians of Illyria Book 3)

The Siege of Sol (Guardians of Illyria Book 3)

  • Author: Nikolas Lee
  • Pages: 163
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 13-12-2016, 16:21
  • Category: Fantasy Novels

One pantheon desperate to keep power.

Another desperate to seize it.

Two teenage gods stuck in the middle.

Year 2302

On the Continent of Origin, deep in the deserts of the High Heat, rises one of the last remaining Citadels of the humans. Defiant and well-defended, it is known as Sol. And in this epic third installment of the Guardians of Illyria series, it will be the stage for one of the greatest conflicts yet waged between the oppressive forces of Illyria and the rebel human race.

Now 14 years old, Ionikus Reaves, Thunder Lord of the Endari, is plagued by the darkness of his past and future. His powers grow stronger by the day, as do the doubts in his plans for revenge. But when the Endari scheme to forge an alliance with an unlikely foe the humans of Sol Ion must set aside his uncertainties. One misstep and his allies could become his enemies, his ultimate plan never come to fruition.

Lady Lillian of Illyria has only recently settled into her new position amongst the pantheon she long feared and respected. But soon, she finds her elven blood a problem for the pureblooded gods of Illyria. On top of navigating their foreign customs, backstabbing, and searing whispers, she must also endure their wrath...and the dark secrets behind the fall of the previous pantheon.

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