Download Wickedly Dangerous (A Baba Yaga Novel)

Wickedly Dangerous (A Baba Yaga Novel)

  • Author: Deborah Blake
  • Pages: 352
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 0425272923
  • ISBN13: 9780425272923
  • Upload date: 28-12-2016, 17:20
  • Category: Fantasy Novels

When an author takes a lesser known mythology and brings it into modern times giving it her own splash of personality, I am always eager to grab up the story to see where it will take me. Deborah Blake breathed new life into the Baba Yaga tale giving us a lush, exciting book world to get lost in.

"It's not a name its a title" Baba Yaga explains, but its also an attitude. This new Baba Yaga does it with flair. She rolls into a small town of Upstate New York in her silver truck and modern travel trailer with her dragon disguised as dog companion to answer the desperate call of a frightened Russian grandmother believing that the Baba Yaga can find her missing grandchild along with the other children that have gone missing. Upon a swift investigation of the situation, Baba sees that she's dealing with more than a missing child, but a boatload of trouble of the Otherworldly variety. Unfortunately, she, the mysterious stranger, has become the scapegoat and not even the attractive sheriff can keep her out of trouble- not that she wants his help. Trouble and danger are the spice to her life- and why enjoy it alone...three more strangers roll into town.

Download Wickedly Dangerous (A Baba Yaga Novel)

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