Download All the Summer Girls: A Novel (P.S.)

All the Summer Girls: A Novel (P.S.)

  • Author: Meg Donohue
  • Pages: 288
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 62203819
  • ISBN13: 9780062203816
  • Upload date: 28-08-2015, 10:52
  • Category: Fiction Other

Kate Harrington has just been dumped 3 months before her wedding and finds out she is pregnant at the same time..She is still, after all these years traumatized by the drowning death of her twin Owen..Instead of going to Vegas for a "Bachelorette Party" she cancels, invites her two friends, Vanessa and Dani down to the old familiar summer house in Avalon, NJ, for one last get together.... They are all dealling with their own personal demons and have deep dark secrets from each other......This trip will awaken long dormant, painful memories, that have been slowly simmering on the surface and are about to boil over in the summer heat....Will Dani become a writer, Vanessa decide to remain with her husband or summer love, and Kate face the future without Peter..

Download All the Summer Girls: A Novel (P.S.)

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