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An Amish Family Reunion

  • Author: Mary Ellis
  • Pages: 320
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 0736944877
  • ISBN13: 9780736944878
  • Upload date: 28-08-2015, 13:35
  • Category: Fiction Other

Mary Ellis is a gifted storyteller and her writing just gets better and better. I love the characters in this book. Not having read all of the Miller Family Series, I was meeting some of these people for the first time. But that was not a problem, this book is capable of standing on its own. What I love best about these characters is how real they are. Mary does not glorify the Amish way of life, but neither does she demonize it in any way. She merely writes the people as they are - real human beings like everyone else. They just happen to be Amish. And Mary Ellis obviously knows a lot about their culture. The humor in this story is spectacular. I found myself laughing with nearly every page turn. The author's dry, witty sense of humor shines brilliantly through her characters.

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