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Atomic Beauty

  • Author: Barb Han
  • Pages: 101
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 10-01-2017, 20:08
  • Category: Fiction Other

Erika has been sent by the agency to uncover what Jace knows. He has been tagged as a traitor to his country. But the more time she spends with him , the more she feels something is off. She feels that she can trust him but her orders are clear. Once they act on their attraction though, she become more confused than ever.

Jane has uncovered something that will destroy all Erika believes about her family. And he doesn't want to be the one to tell her. But he is falling hard for her and can't trust anyone else.

The more the uncover together, the more problems arise for them. Everything is pointing back to the man she has called father for years. Can she believe that he would betray everyone that has every meant something to him or is there more to this story than meets the eye? Can she afford to trust anyone, even the man she loves?

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