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Kilo Class

  • Author: Patrick Robinson
  • Pages: 528
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 3453404939
  • ISBN13: 9783453404939
  • Upload date: 20-07-2015, 19:36
  • Category: Fiction Other

In Kilo Class, Patrick Robinson did some good writing. I enjoyed reading the book during the escapades of Hurricane Floyd and it kept my on the edge on my seat. He did have some technical flaws in the book suck as a Super Cobra being used as a transport helicopter. Also, I'm not one to believe that a Tiawanese naval vessal would kill more than half the people onboard a research base just for showing up at an island. It makes for a good plotline, but it's not quite believeable. Also, the ending could have been MUCH better than leaving off where it did. He ended the story way to quickly and I, plainly put, was not satisfied with the way the book ended compared to how Robinson built up the book. It was, however, a nice book to read and I enjoy his style of writing in this book. I plan to read Nimitz Class soon and hope that it can get up there with this book and have a hopefully better ending. But one last thing. I greatly enjoyed the antics of NSA Admiral Morgan. He was a riot and a good comic relief in the book in my opinion.

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