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Mr. Monk Gets Even

  • Author: Lee Goldberg
  • Pages: 288
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 0451416031
  • ISBN13: 9780451416032
  • Upload date: 30-12-2016, 14:38
  • Category: Fiction Other

It's been six months since Natalie moved to Summit, New Jersey, and began her new life as a police officer. However, she is finding she misses her life in San Francisco and the excitement that Monk brought to it. The biggest case she's had involves stolen laundry detergent.

Meanwhile, Natalie's daughter Julie has been working as Monk's new assistant until he can find someone permanent. But he's got two cases to distract him right now. First, there's a series of accidents that Monk identifies as murder. Who is the common connection? Even more worrisome, Monk's old nemesis Dale the Whale is out of prison to have an operation. Might this be part of a larger plan to escape?

I have yet to be truly disappointed with one of Lee Goldberg's books based on the TV show Monk. This one was no exception. Both cases kept me going, wanting to know what would happen next. The character arcs that he really started to put into full swing after the series ended bare fruit here as well. I love seeing how he's developed them, and that includes some of the new characters he's introduced as well.

And yes, I laughed several times at the antics of Monk and some of the lines he and others have in the book. The characters may be growing, but they still retain what made us love and laugh from the TV show.

So if you are a fan of Monk, you really do owe it to yourself to read these books. And you owe it to Monk to start at the beginning and see how things develop. They are well worth obsessing over.

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