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Murder, Mayhem and Mama

  • Author: Christie Craig
  • Pages: 390
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 0983890269
  • ISBN13: 9780983890263
  • Upload date: 10-01-2017, 19:01
  • Category: Fiction Other

Cali McKay's mama isn't ready to pass over to the "other side" yet. Her unlucky-in-love daughter needs her now more than ever. Before Mama can chain-smoke her way to heaven, she's gotta make sure Cali's ex deadbeat boyfriend doesn't get her daughter killed.

Grief Sucks. Love Heals.

Cali lost her mom to cancer. Detective Brit Lowell, lost his partner to murder. Now he's in the mood to take down some dirtbags and Cali's ex just happens to be a dirtbag leaving a trail of dead bodies behind him. Can Brit trust this beautiful woman to help take down her ex? Can Cali look past this sexy cop's hard exterior to trust him with her heart? Can life get any crazier when Mama starts meddling from the grave? Only one thing is for sure none of it will matter, unless they catch a killer before the killer catches them.

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