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What Dies in Summer

  • Author: Tom Wright
  • Pages: 288
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 0393064026
  • ISBN13: 9780393064025
  • Upload date: 28-09-2015, 20:38
  • Category: Fiction Other

What Dies In Summer (What Dies in Summer), a first book by Tom Wright, is an astonishingly crafted book about young love, psychotics, living in Texas, murder and growing up in general. Tom weaves an interesting telling of the time and period before life grew into our hectic, mobile pace. A place where the heat of the day could suffocate you but the shade of the trees could cool you down enough to explore a world hot from the sins of the fathers but ice cold with grandmother's sweet tea. Along the journey, the rich, but dirty tapestry of the small town community, tucked under the shoulder of the sprawling metropolis nearby, makes you yearn to know more about the place and time. The graphic, disturbing nature of the dark secrets held by the denizens of this place and time creates a presence of foreboding and evil that seems all too real and wants to climb out of the pages of the book into your lap!

Although I felt the characters of Gram, LA and Biscuit could be further solidified, there is enough of a stretch of skin with blood, sweat and tears to reveal a greater content for future stories. An absolutely, fantastic first book by Tom Wright!

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