Download Core JSTL: Mastering the JSP Standard Tag Library (+code)

Core JSTL: Mastering the JSP Standard Tag Library (+code)

  • Author: David Geary
  • Pages: 608
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 131001531
  • ISBN13: 9780131001534
  • Upload date: 20-12-2016, 14:27
  • Category: Programming

From the Back Cover

The breakthrough solution for easier, faster, and more powerful Web development.

* Powerful techniques for accelerating, simplifying, and standardizing Web application development

* In-depth coverage of JSTL 1.0, including built-in tags, the new JSTL expression language, and custom tag development

* Written for both experienced Java platform developers and Web page authors

* By the best-selling author of Graphic Java and Advanced JavaServer Pages

Using JSTL, software developers and Web page authors can create robust, flexible Web applications more quickly and easily than ever before. Now, best-selling author and JSTL expert David Geary presents the definitive guide to JSTL: its built-in tags, powerful expression language, and extensibility. Through practical examples and extensive sample code, Geary demonstrates how JSTL simplifies, streamlines, and standardizes a wide range of common Web development tasks and helps you build Web applications far more easily than JavaServer Pages technology alone.

Key topics covered:

* Building HTML forms accessing form data, JavaBeans components (beans), collections, and maps constructing URLs and importing their content redirecting HTTP responses iterating over collections of objects handling errors

* Localizing Web sites for multiple languages and countries, including localizing text and formatting and parsing numbers, currencies, percents, and dates.

* Creating and accessing data sources, making queries and iterating over the results performing database inserts, updates, and deletes executing database transactions

* Parsing XML documents using XPath with JSTL custom actions transforming XML with XSLT, filtering XML accessing external entities

Core JSTL shows you how to:

* Use JSTL to simplify Web development tasks

* Use the new JSTL expression language

* Access databases and execute transactions

* Develop internationalized Web sites

* Work with XML documents and JSP technology

* Extend JSTL with custom tags


Summary: Geary Rocks on JSP! Excellent author

Rating: 5

I have seen David Geary speak and have read his writing many times and there is no one I know that makes JSP more interesting or more understandable. Core JSTL: Mastering the JSP Standard Tag Library is easily the best book on the subject I have read, or used in practice, or recommended to others. It is clear, concise, and logical. Trust me on this one... you will be a fan of Geary and his books after reading this one.

Summary: J2EE Guy

Rating: 5

One of the best books i found on JSTL. Provides in-depth knowledge & extensive examples of JSTL.

This book helps us to understand why, where and how to use JSTL tags. follows the typical MVC pattern [ a clear separation of View from Model]

Though, I am not a great fan of SQL, XML tags, the Core & I18N JSTL tags are not only valuable but also easy to use. Now we could have non-Java programmers to design all of your JSP pages.

[our last project leveraged JSTL/ Struts/ Tiles frameworks]

Summary: Reliable book from a reliable author

Rating: 5

Clear, concise. solid coverage of a core technology for web development in java. This book is at the same time a useful reference and an easy tutorial. Covers the EL scripting language, base, iteration, xml, sql, networking actions.

Complete, easy to read and with working example code for EVERY concept. D.Geary and M Hall are the reference authors in the

Servlet-JSP World. If you are doing any kind of development using JSP you need this book. 'nuff said.

Summary: Core JSTL: Mastering the JSP Standard Tag Library

Rating: 5

I was new to JSTL with some JSP/Servlet experiences.

This is all I need to get started with JSTL.

Lots of example codes to help me understand.

I was particulary interested in I18N and Formatting sections and this book covers every area of JSTL including these sections fairy well. (Lots of books tend to cover very lightly on i18n sections)

I highly recommend this book! This is my JSTL reference book. I also looked at other JSLT books, but I think this is the best by far.

Summary: Take the Next Step with Java Server Pages

Rating: 4

Last year I built a website that used Java Server Pages to dynamically generate most of the pages. It worked well, but was very kludgy. JSPs invariably mix the HTML display code with some of the internal data logic. Through a judicious use of the

Model-View-Controller paradigm, I was able to reduce this mixing. But a minimal amount was still inevitable. This is a common experience with JSPs. You end up with files containing java code and HTML. Ugly and brittle. Plus, it calls upon two areas of expertise. A separation of the two would be much more

robust, and allow people with skills in only one of these areas to still contribute to the development.

In answer to this, Sun has been refining its Standard Tag Library. Specifically, it now has an expression language that is a programming language in its own right and is comprehensively described in this book, which bears Sun's official impramateur. Programmers versed in other languages can quickly absorb this. Thru it, you can easily write code to access Java Beans and other java programs. Plenty of clear examples are provided.

Of interest to several will be how to use STL to hook up to back end SQL databases transferring from them into webpages and transmitting user changes back into the databases.

The author also covers the important case of interacting with XML, which is now a de facto standard for data interchange. Nor does he neglect describing issues of internationalisation. Practical for those who have to support several languages.

The sum of all these is to make this book very useful for those of you needing to build JSPs in business applications. I do wish I had this book last year!

Download Core JSTL: Mastering the JSP Standard Tag Library (+code)

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