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Hidden Threat (Sherri Hayes)

  • Author: Sherri Hayes
  • Pages: 238
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 1612132979
  • ISBN13: 9781612132976
  • Upload date: 16-09-2016, 20:25
  • Category: Romance Novels

Cali Stanton has one goal in life, being a doctor. She does not intend to run the family business. But when her father gets injured and tells her that she's the only one he trusts, Cali finds herself behind his desk at Stanton Enterprises. Matthew Andersen and his brother Jason have spent the last two years managing security at Stanton Enterprises. But when someone threatens the company and its CEO, challenging Matthew's abilities, what seems like an easy task, becomes a big problem. Cali and Matthew must fight their growing attraction for each other to avoid a potentially damaging office romance. As the threats continue, they must work together to keep the company running and discover who is behind the threats. But when things escalate to violence and Cali becomes the latest target, things get personal. Can Matthew find the Hidden Threat before it's too late?

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