Download Siege (The FitzGillens Book 1)

Siege (The FitzGillens Book 1)

  • Author: Virginia Farmer
  • Pages: 205
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 9-01-2017, 10:48
  • Category: Romance Novels

England, 1073

Anora, the Saxon Lady of Fairhurst, has lost her husband in the war against William the Conqueror. Now the Bastard King has awarded Fairhurst Castle to one of his Norman knights, Rosard FitzGillen. If the man thought to walk in and take over, he would learn otherwise. As the siege moves from days to weeks, Anora vows to withstand the attempt to take her home. But with the Norman firmly entrenched in the village and the castle’s food supply dwindling, her determination is tested.

Although Rosard is a seasoned warrior with two grown sons and a lifetime of experience on the battlefield, he is world-weary and in search of a home and peace. He believes he has found both in Fairhurst. But the lady of the keep is not willing to yield her home to him and wages a battle unlike any he has ever experienced. In order to find happiness he must lay siege not only to the castle, but to Lady Anora’s heart and win her love.

Download Siege (The FitzGillens Book 1)

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