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  • Author: Sara Mack
  • Pages: 314
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 1502373041
  • ISBN13: 9781502373045
  • Upload date: 27-12-2016, 15:13
  • Category: Romance Novels

Kyle, his brother and his Grandma have been spending their Summers at the Buhl Lake for the past 6 years. Finally, Kyle sees some kids that are close to his own age of 16 and a girl in the group catches his eye. When he finally makes his move, it’s Addison’s last day there and she tells him it’s taken him long enough to say hi and that she’ll see next Summer. During the next year, Kyle thinks about seeing Addison numerous times and is eagerly awaiting his Summer holiday.

When that Summer arrives, the two meet up and share an all consuming kiss. They spend most of their Summer together and they fall head over heels in love vowing to visit each other as Addison doesn’t live too far away from Kyle.

A couple of weeks later, Kyle drives down to see Addison for their pre-arranged date, only to find the family has disappeared leaving behind their dog. On the second day, Kyle returns to find their dog has now also gone. He never hears from Addison again.

Eight years later, Kyle and his brother are back at Buhl Lake to clean out their Grandma’s cabin after her passing. Before his eyes and brain can believe it, Addison’s dog comes running out of nowhere up to him, followed by Addison and is extremely shocked to see her again.

Without giving away any spoilers to the remainder of the story, I will say that this is a wonderfully written story from a male’s POV. It’s always interesting to try to understand what goes through their mind and this story gives you an insight into first love, loss and acceptance.

I will be definitely be reading more of Sara Mack’s work in the future.

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