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The Marriage Trap

  • Author: Jennifer Probst
  • Pages: 322
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 29-12-2016, 10:40
  • Category: Romance Novels

At a party, Michael overhears Maggie talk about her business trip to Milan and he gets an idea that hopefully will solve his problems. Michael gives Maggie a proposition. Pretend to be his wife for the week they are in Italy, meet his family, and pretend they are in love. She will only agree if he promises to stay away from Alexa when they come back to the states. He doesn't want to hurt Alexa or end their friendship, but he wants his sister to be happy, so he agrees and they head off to Italy.

Upon arriving in Italy, Maggie meets his three sisters, mom, and pretty soon the entire family. As the head of the household Michael is used to being in control. What he says goes. Maggie challenges that and tries to open his eyes to how he handles things with some of his family. Because they both have strong personalities, they tend to clash in certain situations. They play the part of loving couple in public all the while struggling with their growing attraction.

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