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The Stars Trilogy

  • Author: Eve Montelibano
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 9-01-2017, 20:24
  • Category: Romance Novels

Megastar (Book 1)

Stargazer (Book 2)

Written In The Stars (Book 3)

Dare Montgomery is the biggest star in Hollywood. Painfully gorgeous, badass wild and fabulously rich, he has women lining up at his hotel rooms and movie sets, offering him a free ride. A consummate practitioner of casual sex, he has no use for women who write poems and songs in his honor, especially the ones who are dying to make an honest man out of him. Some tried but failed miserably. The rags say no woman can tame him.

Celine strongly disagrees. She is Dare's self-proclaimed No. 1 fan in the world since grade school and she refuses to believe what those tabloids are saying about him. For her, Dare is a flawless diamond underneath all those rough edges just waiting to be polished and she is THE woman for the job...

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