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All Through The House

  • Author: Janice Kay Johnson
  • Pages: 207
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: B00C558XZ2
  • Upload date: 27-07-2015, 15:49
  • Category: Romance Novels

When Abigail McLeod landed the listing for the Irving House, a magnificent turn-of-the-century mansion with a haunted ballroom, she thought her luck had changed. Selling this house will establish her real estate agency and mean security at last for her and her four-year-old daughter. So why does something go wrong every time she shows the house? Could it have anything to do with Nate Taggart, architect and the current renter, a sexy and complex man whose mysterious attachment to the Irving House has turned into a major problem? How can she fall in love with a man she thinks she may have to kill the next time a hot prospect runs screaming from the house, especially when she knows better than to trust any man? Falling for Abigail and her delightful daughter isn’t in Nate’s plans, either. Achieving his own ends means hurting her. But can he abandon a lifelong dream for Abigail?

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