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Infinite Dreams

  • Author: Joe Haldeman
  • Pages: 278
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: B00PI1847M
  • Upload date: 5-05-2016, 18:45
  • Category: Science Fiction

Joe Haldeman burst onto the science fiction scene with The Forever War, an unforgettable novel that marked the arrival of an exciting, original new voice. Smart, creative, and acutely socially aware, Haldeman is an author whose work has all of the greatest qualities associated with the genre.

Infinite Dreams collects Haldeman’s short stories from the early days of his career. There’s the poignant “26 Days, On Earth,” which follows a boy from the moon as he writes a journal about his time on Earth and falls for a local girl. Then there’s the humorous “All The Universe in a Mason Jar,” chronicling the experience aliens have with a moonshine-drunk farm boy. In the satirical “A Time to Live,” a frozen billionaire wakes up in the future, only to get returned to his own time in a different body. Also included is the Hugo Award–winning “Tricentennial,” about a trip to gather antimatter from a mysterious binary system. Haldeman’s whip-smart tales prove to be as much a treat now as they were when they were written.

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