3 tips to use softener as a perfume for clothing

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Who doesn’t like that clean clothes smell? Here we will give you some tips to make your smells using an item you have at home: the softener, this time used as a perfume for clothes!

3 tips to use softener as a perfume for clothing

Clean parts aren’t quite enough, we want to feel that scent cheer from them, right? For this, it is possible to use softener as a perfume for clothes, but in the right way, even if the will be to dump all the contents of the container to make the smell even better, but it is not necessary and not even recommended.

First, to make that aroma unforgettable, it is important to choose the right product! That’s why the new comfort centered is a great bite! With new packaging, innovative perfumes stay much longer in your clothes. The full line with argan oil has versions from intense and lasting perfume to the most delicate and smooth.

Even using any item from the Comfort Concentrado line, there are some tips that can enhance the good smell and leave your laundry with the same smell as the laundry, see below.

  1. 1 – Use the necessary measure to washing clothes
    By using trust marks such as Comfort Concentrado, the product yields a lot, mainly because it is concentrated. when you use reliable brands, your clothing softener earns much more. This means that it can be used in less quantity, maintaining the same quality and effect. Therefore, it is not necessary to use so much product so that the clothes are soft and smelly.
  2. Use only half cover of Comfort Concentrate, this amount is enough for a whole clothing machine. So you can save a lot of product, and hence money.
  3. 2 – Rub a mixture when the pieces are drying
    Make a mixture with water, softener and alcohol (revenue is 1/4 softener for a part of alcohol and two of water) and spray on the clothes while hanging them on the varal. This will make the smell proliferate for much longer until these pieces dry. This tip is very important for cold when clothes take longer to dry completely.


When it’s time to pick a clothing lover, what’s the main differentiator you’re looking for?

Enjoyable, lasting perfume

Accessible price

Efficiency in making clothes soft

3 – Use softening as you pass the clothes
If you haven’t tested yet, when you make this infallible tip you will notice that iron slides very well in the rubbed parts with Comfort Concentrate. Make the same mixture as above with water, softener and alcohol, and use the same sprayer to pour into each piece at the time of passing the pieces. You’ll see that it’s very good and that the cheirinho gets really hot!

You can also use this mixture of water, softener and alcohol to take the smell of garment guard that is long in the cabinet. Take them out of the closet and leave them in airy place with ventilation. Then blur the mixture and remain in open place until they sequel throughout. How about testing and leaving all your pieces with a little wipes?

Perfume FAQs for Clothing

How do you make sure that you smell clean clothes?

There are some special tips: use the right measure of softener in the machine, make a mixer with alcohol and water to spray on the wand and also when passing clothes. These actions will make all the difference!

What’s the best fragrance for clothes?

There’s no better fragrance, see what’s the best aroma that works for you. The Concentrated Comfort has the Fiber Protect, Hydra Serum and Essential Care versions. Any of them is the perfect choice for those in love with fragrant clothes, since the product has 10x more perfume and argan oil. In addition, there are perfume capsules that guarantee lasting fragrances for your clothes.

Does the amount of softener influence the perfume for clothes?

No. The recommended is to use only half softener cover, especially if your choice is a product is concentrated, so you save and guarantee the clean clothing snippet as you need.