The mythical man-month, or how software systems are created

Author: Frederick P. Brooks The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering Frederick P. Brooks 1975 “The Mythical Man-Month” was written at a time when humanity did not even dream of a personal computer in every home. The book brought that possibility closer. iPhones and wireless communication are indistinguishable from the 1960s and 1970s, but the principles of […]

Agile project Management for dummies : awesome summary by ebookhike

Agile project Management Agile project Management:Agile (from the English word – dexterous, agile) is a general term covering various project management and work organization methods based on flexible principles as opposed to traditional rigid principles. Such methods and techniques of work were developed in the 1990s among programmers, and in 2001 a group of software developers […]

Flawless Consulting petter block. awesome summary by ebookhike

The key is inside(Work without fear) Flawless Consulting:A consultant is a person whose task is to change the situation for the better, without having the authority to directly change. This is the main difficulty of counseling. The consultant can make recommendations to solve the problem, but cannot order the client to use them.  And yet the consultant […]

Raise your game Secrets of mastery from world champions

You can understand a person by seeing him on the site Raise your game:After spending more than 15 years coaching in the NBA, Alan Stein Jr. has become famous as a man who helps to achieve victory. His reputation draws executives of large companies to the basketball court, where they throw away their regalia, fight for […]

Amazon unbound. Jeff Bezos amazing summary by ebookhike

Author: Brad Stone  Amazon inventions and ideas(Amazon without borders) Amazon unbound:This book is not about the entire history of Amazon, but only about its last, but the most important decade. During this time, the company has turned into something more than an online store: it has spread its influence over almost the entire globe, and shaped […]

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