Check out 4 tips for cleaning mattress

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Resting is a fundamental moment of the day and you deserve the best comfort right now. In addition to changing bedding frequently, it is important to be aware of everything. Therefore, follow these tips to clean mattress and turn your sleep nights.

“Has it ever happened to feel an unpleasant smell when lying on your mattress, even when the bedding was clean? Check out some tips for cleaning mattress, as this smell can be from the mattress itself. Just changing sheets and pillow covers is not enough to keep the feeling of well-being from resting in a clean bed. Without you notice, some wastes end up going through bed linen and accumulate on the mattress cover. These residues, especially sweat, cause bad smell over time, which generates this discomfort. But you can solve the problem with a few simple steps.\n\nIn addition to including cleaning in routine and preventing dirt from accumulating for a long time, it is essential to choose the right products for this task. With the help of some ingredients already known in the homemade mixtures to clean various types of surfaces and materials, CIF Cremoso will help you reach an incredible result. With an excellent yield using only one drop, this creamy saponaceous will help you clean without damaging your bed. You want to know how? Just follow the tips below.”

How to clean your bed with saponaceous

Excellent for day-to-day cleaning, this step-by-step will be super fast and easy to put into practice. You will need to:

  1. Mix a few drops of CIF Creamum into the container with water in a sufficient quantity to reach the entire surface of the mattress;
  2. Make the brush or sponge into the water with the product;
  3. Scrub the entire surface of the mattress; Tip: Take care not to too wet the surface of the mattress to facilitate the drying process, avoiding the creation of mold
  4. Let it dry in an airy place and preferably with sunlight.

See also how to clean the mattress with stains

When the dirt has already accumulated or there is some sort of spot stain, use one of the following techniques:

Another possibility is to use oxygenated water

  1. Make a paste with oxygenated water and sodium bicarbonate with a few drops of liquid soap;
  2. scan in the most stained areas and let the paste act until it is dried;
  3. Remove the mixture with the vacuum cleaner and finish passing a damp cloth to remove any excess product;
  4. Let dry in a ventilated and ready environment, your mattress will be free of stains!

Finally, learn how to clean the dry mattress

This is a very simple and ideal step for when you need to clean in a practical way. This technique is also great for cleaning sofa. Here’s how to:

  1. This is a very simple and ideal step for when you need to clean in a practical way. This technique is also great for cleaning sofa. Here’s how to do
  2. Well out sodium bicarbonate and let it take action for a few minutes
  3. Watch all the surface of the mattress with the aid of the brush and the product take action for longer;
  4. Remove all the sodium bicarbonate with the vacuum cleaner and ready, your mattress will already be clean!