Crushing it ! How great entrepreneurs grew their business and influence, and how to achieve the same success: awesome summary by ebookhike

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Author: Gary Vaynerchuk 

Crushing it
Crushing it ! How great entrepreneurs grew their business and influence, and how to achieve the same success: awesome summary by ebookhike

Social media is the key to marketing success (Crushing it)

Crushing it: Gary Vaynerchuk is not just another Instagram guru. He is a true internet marketing expert. In 2017, Forbes magazine named him the most respected global social media influencer in the Technology & Business category. 

Gary Vaynerchuk was born in the city of Bobruisk, Byelorussian SSR. In the late 1970s, the Vaynerchuks emigrated to America. For a time, the family of eight lived in a one-room apartment in the suburbs of New York. But gradually life got better, his father opened a liquor store, and in 1999 Gary took the place of the manager in it. By 2005, he opened an online store, and this allowed the family business to increase profits 20 times – up to $60 million a year. Gary soon became interested in Internet marketing and in 2009 founded his own agency specializing in SMM. 

In the same year, his first book, Passion is Business, was published. In it, Gary Vaynerchuk tells how to use the Internet and social networks to turn your favorite business into a business that can bring high profits. The book immediately became a bestseller and collected a huge number of positive reviews from entrepreneurs from various fields.

Since then, 10 years have passed. During this time, not only the list of top social networks has changed, but also how we interact with them, what we expect from authors, and what content we choose. In his new book Crushing Everything! Gary Vaynerchuk offers new methods of Internet marketing based on old principles. Essentially, “Crushing Everything!” — is a message to everyone who wants to build a personal brand and launch their own business on today’s social networks. 

The book provides not only a theoretical base that allows you to scale the acquired knowledge and apply it to any platform but also practical advice on how to achieve success and recognition on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other super popular networks. Gary Vaynerchuk argues that each social network has its own character and therefore each of them needs a special type of content and approach to promotion, however, all resources involved in promoting your brand should work for one key message and add up to a single, most complete image…

The future has already arrived, and social networks are an integral part of it. It is a powerful, effective, and still underappreciated resource for building a personal brand. From this book, you will learn how to stop being afraid to show yourself and your creativity to the world, why you need accounts on all major social networks, and how to manage them in such a way as to create a stable and loyal audience ready to support your endeavors with money.

Where to begin

Many entrepreneurs have already appreciated the possibilities of social networks and may even have been successful in some of them. However, the world is changing so fast that relying on only one source of income and neglecting the rest of the opportunities for interacting with the audience is an unacceptable waste. Moving beyond the current source of success and constantly looking for new ways and topics to communicate is a matter of survival in today’s environment. If you want to have a sustainable impact, look for a way to build a personal brand that will outperform not only specific platforms but also the business you are in.

Many people are waiting to accumulate enough experience and knowledge to leave a permanent and unloved job and finally do what the soul asks for. Sometimes the expertise accumulated over the years really helps them make better and more informed decisions in a new profession, but it is not at all necessary to wait and put off this transition for years. 

One of the best strategies for building a personal brand is to go on an exciting adventure and invite the reader along with you. At first, you may not know anything about how to breed bees, but you will learn – and this process is the most interesting to watch. 

It is worth preparing for the fact that a big game requires a lot of risks. Most likely, for a long time, you will work almost or completely for free, sleep much less than you would like, and you will have to forget about TV shows in general. Failures and failures are inevitable: you will be refused, but much more often ignored, you will create boring and uninteresting content, not all projects will take off, etc. But all this is an integral part of the game, and it is better to accustom yourself to the fact that mistakes help development, not hinder it.

To build an engaging—and profitable—personal brand, there are seven key dimensions to consider:

1. Intention 

If you start building a business solely for mercantile reasons, it is likely that you will still have clients, but they will never recommend you to their friends. Reputation is one of the most important components of a brand. Since the founding of the world, there has been no more effective marketing strategy than word of mouth. Your buyers should want to come back to you on their own and bring friends. To achieve this effect, ask yourself why you do what you do: to share knowledge? Help people? Create a productive community around you? 

Truly successful entrepreneurs are usually guided by three aspirations: serve others, create value, and transfer knowledge. Where they initially lacked personal experience, they made up for it with honesty, openness, and humor. They get the greatest satisfaction from understanding how their product or service affects people, how it helps them solve problems and overcome obstacles, and how it supports them and motivates them to achieve more. They don’t care. 

Sincere concern for others and the desire to create a super-quality product is the key to marketing success.

2. Authenticity

Your intent will be reflected in the authenticity of the content. You will be a thousand times more successful if you wake up wanting to do something because you believe the world really needs it, not because you calculated that this is what will make you an Instagram celebrity.

The famous rule is: play the role until it becomes you. This approach does not work here. You don’t have to pay anything. Instead, determine which platforms will help you most fully reveal your true self, and show the mastery and joy that you get from the things you love. 

The more sincere you are on social media, the more likely people are to forgive you for inevitable mistakes.

Remember that it is very easy to destroy a reputation. Just one viral video of an airline rudely pushing a passenger out of a plane can cause serious financial damage to an airline. Respect your customers, because not only you will write on the social network, but also about yourself.

3. Passion

As you know, money alone does not bring happiness. But if a person does what he loves every day, he is doomed to happiness. The time of earthly life is limited, and, growing up, we spend most of the time allotted to us at work. It makes sense to spend strength and energy to ensure that these hours bring joy. A truly successful business cannot be just a job, it is always a calling.

Of course, when you are completely absorbed in the product or service you are creating, the chances of being noticed and appreciated grow exponentially. However, Gary Vaynerchuk argues that even this is not the most important thing. You don’t have to be crazy about the product you’re offering, but you do need to be passionate about the process of giving back. If a person is a passionate salesman, he will be equally successful selling beehives, insurance services, or jewelry. The process always comes first.

Finally, it is the love of your work that will allow you to stay in the saddle when stress and disappointment become your main companions. Bumps on the road are a prerequisite for the path, and passion is your backup generator in case there is nothing left of the rest of the energy sources.

4. Patience

Most likely, the road to your dream will take you longer than you would like. And first of all, because you will have to refuse more often than agree. A deal with a conscience does not go unnoticed. Only those who live by their own rules and in accordance with their ideas of good and evil can be called successful. 

Patience is also humility. Even having achieved success, do not allow yourself to be conceited. Remember that the client is always right, and the interests of employees are more important than their own. Take a vacation just to be with your family. Be persistent and persistent. Always pay your bills. Live easier, don’t let everything you earn on yourself. 

5. Speed

Patience is the main strategy for long-term success. In the short term, speed will help you. The pressure created by these conflicting concepts is what ultimately creates the diamond. 

First, use all the tools available to you to increase your speed and efficiency, especially at the beginning of your career. Until you have real assistants, use electronic ones. Second, learn to quickly learn from your mistakes. Don’t let doubt and the pursuit of perfectionism take over your life. Remember that it is better to fail ten times and do the right thing three times than to do something only three times and succeed all three times.

6. Work

At the beginning of the journey, lazy rest is out of the question. If you are serious about conquering the world, then you will not have time for either series or aimless wandering on social networks. Work should take up all your time. Ideally, you will be doing something that in itself brings you joy and pleasure, so that you will rest from changing the form of activity, and not from its subject. The only thing that needs time and is not related to work is the family. No matter how beautiful and important the work is, do not let it penetrate your time with a partner, children, or relatives. Better yet: invite them to be part of your adventure – hire them, use them as a source of content (with their consent), and create together.

All the time you don’t spend on essential commitments (family and a day job that pays your bills) should be dedicated to growing your business: research, learn, create content, distribute it, communicate. Do this every day. Set yourself achievable goals and learn how to achieve them. In business, the law of thermodynamics also applies: how much energy you put into a business, you will get so much return. 

7. Attention

What are your clients talking about? What are the latest trends in your field? What problems remain to be solved? To notice literally everything is your direct responsibility. The key to success when growing a business is being able to notice where customers are shifting their attention while competitors are still looking the other way. People tend to underestimate everything new. Someone is still sure that Hollywood, and not YouTube with Instagram, is the main supplier of stars. Although anyone under the age of 25 will tell you otherwise.

Experiment, keep your nose to the wind. Not all experiments will be successful, but this is the order of things. The more you step out of your comfort zone and try new things, the better your chances of success in the long run.


In his first bestseller, Passion is Business, Gary Vaynerchuk advised distributing content through all available channels. By now, an important clarification has matured – it is worth distributing not the same, but different content, submitted in a form that works for each specific platform. Even if the audience of different social networks overlaps, people open them for different purposes. The format of YouTube is quite different from Facebook, although you can post videos on both platforms. 

Think about the key message you want to convey to your audience. Then create an array of core content and tailor it to each specific network.

The main conditions for good content:

1. He is at the intersection of your passion and real expertise.
2. You are constantly updating the knowledge base and supplying the audience with information that is hard to find elsewhere.
3. You deliver your messages in a unique and memorable way.

One of the key rules the author insists on is to document, not invent. Content creation is based on storytelling, and all possible stories have already been told before you. But not by you. Don’t bother uploading a sublime poetry video to YouTube or writing a particularly nifty Facebook post. Instead, use every opportunity to show your real life. Let people know what kind of person you are and witness your development.

A beginner beauty blogger can go to the store and ask the sellers for advice on how best to use this or that product, then come home and repeat everything on their own behalf. Or he can film his trip to the store and a conversation with sellers, teaching himself and his audience at the same time. Then, based on the information received, it would be possible to develop the story further, constantly referring to the first video.

Crushing it

The documentation technique is important not because it lets people see how cool and interesting you are (or not) right now, but because it prepares content for those who will look at you 10 years from now. We admire not those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and managed to hold it, but those who started in the basement tried, failed, and ultimately succeeded. It’s not even that it is necessary to do something bad from the very beginning. It’s just important for people to know where you come from. 

Isn’t it interesting to watch Michael Jackson rehearse the dance for the video for the song “Thriller”, which later became a cult? Or compare how Justin Bieber sings at 12 and how he performs now? 

Crushing it

Watching the development of talent and the evolution of personality is one of the most inspiring activities. Perhaps you, too, someday will become such an inspiration to others.

Talent alone is not enough to create good content. You will have to work hard and hard, but still try to discard perfectionism. The ideal does not exist, it is an absolutely subjective category. Audience respect and loyalty are earned when we let people see us up to our elbows in mud. Stop making excuses that you need to gain experience before you can get down to business. Experience comes in the process.

What’s stopping you

In general, all the excuses that people come up with for their inaction boil down to one of three forms of fear:

1. Fear of failure

In fact, we are not afraid of failure as such, but of being judged by people whose opinion is important to us. Of course, it is unpleasant to know that by your actions you have disappointed your mother, angered your brother, or upset a close friend. And yet you have to live with it. In any way: hire a psychologist, do yoga, go to a hypnotist, in a word, do whatever you want to calm down and stop obsessing over what others think of you. There will always be critics. The trick is to allow yourself to be your sole judge.

An honest conversation will also help to deal with this problem. If you are seriously stopped by the fear of the judgment of a loved one, go up to him and say: “I’m going to do what I should have done a million years ago. The only thing that stopped me was the fear of how you would react to it. But now it’s gone. I no longer need your blessing, but I need to know that you will support me if I make a mistake. Because I’m bound to be wrong. Hopefully not too much, but definitely pretty soon. In the future, I plan to win, and I would really like to know that you support me and also hope that I will succeed, and not vice versa. 

And regardless of what they answer you, proceed with the implementation of the plan. You will be surprised how quickly the work will go when you are no longer fettered by fear of other people’s opinions.

2. Fear of wasting time

If you are under 35, just forget about it. You will always have time to return to the standard work from nine to six if it turns out that the chosen case is not to your liking. 

Many fear that they will waste their time building an unsuccessful business, even when their time is not really worth anything. Of course, in a situation where you are sacrificing time with loved ones or an activity that brings you true satisfaction or incredible income, doubts may be appropriate. However, most often people are afraid to part with the time they waste – on video games, for example. If you cannot say that you are completely satisfied with your own life, saying goodbye to empty time should be relatively easy for you.

3. Fear of appearing arrogant

After the release of the first bestseller, Gary Vaynerchuk was often accused of narcissism. However, over time, accusatory speeches became less and less. Customers, and therefore the market, have proven him right – building a strong personal brand leads to business success. Of course, when you start talking about yourself all the time and walking around with a camera, people will consider you arrogant. But this is only at first. When the market recognizes you, you will quickly turn from an arrogant into a pioneer.

How to create content

If you are starting from scratch, use two basic promotion strategies:

1) use hashtags;
2) send private messages.

The second strategy brings the most profit. Collaboration with other people is the fastest and most effective way to build an audience. However, “fast” is a relative term here. In most cases, it will take years, not months.

In ordinary life, everything often happens “by acquaintance”. 

Let’s say you come to a party with friends, where one of the people you didn’t know before tells you that they are doing repairs at home. And you are just a designer. In this situation, it would be strange not to exchange business cards. Social networks are the same friends, intermediaries that connect you with people who are interested in interior design. Your task is to conduct market research and understand who your offer will bring real benefits, and then voice it.

Crushing it

It is likely that most of those to whom you offer cooperation will ignore you. But if you do this for 6-7 hours a day, then sooner or later there will be someone who agrees. And then thousands of people who did not know about your existence will find out about you. Of course, your cooperation proposal should contain a value for the host: really high-quality content, a catchy idea, etc.

This application allowed users to record short videos from 15 seconds to 1 minute, overlay various sound effects and tracks on them, conduct live broadcasts, and exchange messages. In 2017, Bytedance acquired for about $1 billion, and in August 2018, and TikTok were merged into one and are now branded by the latter. The book “Crushing Everything!” came out in January 2018, so still existed as a standalone app at the time, but given the same specifics, all the advice given by Gary Vaynerchuk can be applied to TikTok as well.

It would seem, why would a 42-year-old businessman who is not related to the music industry open an account in an application aimed at teenagers. It’s simple: those who are 13 today will be 25 tomorrow. Children who sing popular songs will grow into entrepreneurs, marketers, and other “serious” people. It is likely that an adult businessman will be able to inspire them and help them along the way, and perhaps someday they will do business together.

Gary Vaynerchuk suggested that might fall into oblivion, but he warned readers: it doesn’t matter how long a particular platform lasts. What matters is that it exists at all. If you want to keep an audience, follow it. Install the application, study it for a couple of weeks, understand what attracts people to it, and then create content that will go to this particular social network. Don’t discard a venue just because you don’t think it’s your audience, and the format isn’t great. Social media is constantly evolving and you never know where the next big order will come from.

How to advance

Use hashtags. Go to the “Popular” tab (usually called Discover, Trending, or something similar) and study what hashtags are currently trending. Create content that matches them so that a new audience can notice you. Subsequently, do not forget to create your own, original hashtags. 

Collaborate. The best way to reach your audience is to be a part of it. Look for popular personalities, chat, comment, interact, and knock on private messages. But do it for a reason, but with specific goals, providing readers and people with whom you want to collaborate with valuable content and opportunities.

Starting his journey on the social network, Gary Vaynerchuk recorded several short clips for episodes of his YouTube show #askgaryvee and designed them in the format accepted on the platform to attract a younger audience. And before that, he invited stars to his show. So they exchanged audiences: fifteen-year-old girls appeared on a popular YouTube channel, and Gary was known not only by their subscribers, but also by everyone who googled their names after the show was released.

Crushing it


If regular people outside the tech environment are starting to spend an unusual amount of time on a new platform, it’s time to take notice. This is how Vaynerchuk was one of the first big players to discover, and the same thing happened with Snapchat.

The application allowed the exchange of photos, videos, and text messages with a managed contact list, but with a caveat: the user independently set a time limit during which recipients could view the sent snap, for example, from 1 to 10 seconds, and then the material was hidden from the recipient’s device. Over time, the creators of the social network added filters, stories, the ability to edit videos, etc., but the basic message remained the same: photos and videos there do not need such processing as on Instagram; text posts, as in Facebook, are also not implied; and parents of the target audience are unlikely to look there.

Perhaps Snapchat is the only platform on this list whose content doesn’t have to match mainstream rhetoric. This social network allows people to show what they would prefer to hide on other sites. Take the chance to go beyond the usual image and show what kind of person you are and how you live. Nothing captivates more than sincerity.

How to advance

Since there are no hashtags on Snapchat, it is quite difficult to discover content there naturally. Accordingly, the main way of promotion is to attract an audience from other sites and vice versa. The content you create on Snapchat needs to be simple yet high quality so that it continues to garner views on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram after the story disappears on the platform.

Promote your Snapchat account in the same way that channels used to promote TV shows: mention it where the attention of a prospective audience is already directed. For example, if you do a lot of email work, add a Snapchat link to your signature. And of course, cooperate. Reach out to people you’re interested in on other platforms and ask them to start a project together on Snapchat or offer them something of value in return for mentioning you on their account. 

How to increase the number of subscribers and increase your attractiveness for cooperation:

 Write as many Snapchat posts as you can. When someone needs a comment about a social network, they will come to you.
 Launch your own challenges, communicate directly with the audience, and invite people to play.
 Buy ads on Google like “Who should I follow on Snapchat?” to get your name in the top replies.


Twitter is the Internet’s watercooler, a place where people gather to discuss the latest news, from politics to pop culture. At the moment, Twitter remains the only exclusively social network. The rest of the networks have evolved over time into content management platforms. There, people also interact with each other, but to a much lesser extent than on Twitter, where you can start a conversation on any topic in an instant. And if you do it wisely, you can motivate others to rate your content on other sites as well.

How to advance

Listen. Here’s a top tip for a Twitter user. Listening to others will lead you to threads that will lead you to people who are interested in the subject you are building your brand around. 

Let’s say you’re a lawyer who dreams of talking about sports. Surely you will start a YouTube channel or decide to do a podcast. Getting strangers to even get a glimpse of your show is a huge job, and it all depends on the quality of your content. But even if he is incredibly good, most of you simply will not notice. However, an aspiring sports commentator may want to find all the famous athletes on Twitter and participate in the discussion of the topics they suggest. And so to establish contact with sports fans. After some time, the future star will simply take these people by the shoulders and turn them towards his website, YouTube channel or podcast.

Crushing it

The catch is that this will require iron discipline and remarkable patience. The person in the example above should spend four or even six hours talking, reading, picking up trends, etc. Remember that discipline is about reinforcing ambition with action.

Write private messages. On Twitter, the chance of a response is much higher, since the same user, on average, will have many more followers, say, on Instagram. Think over your messages and try not to copy the same message to different people – this is immediately felt, and the addressee is unlikely to find such a message entertaining enough to respond to it.


YouTube is still the go-to platform for building a personal brand, although Instagram is rapidly catching up. More and more people are switching from television to YouTube and turn on the TV screen only to display their usual YouTube channel on it. 

This is hard for many content producers to accept because they are sure they are not made for video or they just don’t like the format, but pay attention to this: with rare exceptions like  J.K. Rowling, on average for the last 30 years, people making videos unlike those who chose any other format of communication with the audience.

How to advance

Drop the idea that “the camera has to love you” or that you need some fancy paraphernalia to shoot video. It doesn’t matter in today’s world. Remember the rule “document, don’t invent” and start a vlog. This format will allow you to learn on the go, earn expertise, and build experience – all together with the audience. Grab your phone and start filming your day. Post the resulting videos to your YouTube channel. Analyze which posts get more views than they catch the audience. Don’t be afraid to change course and accept that it will take time. It may take you a year to find your theme and style. 

Remember that lynching is the worst strategy. Let the market decide what is interesting and what is not. Trust me, the market won’t flatter you.

The main idea that Vaynerchuk wants to convey to his readers is: try. YouTube won’t make you more charismatic than you are, but it will help you express yourself. And often we are capable of much more than we tend to think about ourselves. But nothing will happen until you finally start showing yourself to the world. Try, fail, try again. Listen to your audience. Don’t let perfectionism stop you.

How to increase video views:

1. Optimize your title. It should reflect the content of the video, fully fit on the smartphone screen, be concise, capacious, and emotional, and also contain keywords.

2. Think about the description. Use keywords and hashtags in the first two lines. Check the tags for quality: people should look for them often, but not use them too often. This can be done using tools such as VidIQ, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, etc.

3. Work on the splash screen. If you’re using text, make sure it’s easy to read on all devices and complements rather than duplicating the title.

4. Turn on hints. They help the viewer navigate and redirect traffic to your other videos.

How to grow an audience:

1. Make sure the header matches the content of the channel and displays well on all devices.

2. Optimize the first two lines of the channel description according to the keywords. The first paragraph should describe exactly what you do. Tell us how often you post videos and include clickable links to other social media accounts.

3. Collect videos into playlists. Optimize their description. Make sure viewers can access them from the main channel page.

4. Record a trailer for the entire channel and put it on the main page. The trailer should be short, but at the same time meaningful. Your main task is to tell a story that will captivate the viewer to open your other videos.


Facebook is on par with YouTube and is also a prerequisite for successful personal branding. If you want to monetize your efforts, you must have a Facebook page. This is not discussed. 

The social network is visited by about 2 billion active users per month, more than half of them go there every day. The platform has a huge potential, and if you already have a fairly successful account on Snapchat or Instagram, but do not have a full-fledged Facebook page with a verified promotion strategy, you are depriving yourself of a lot.

Firstly, this is one of the most flexible platforms – post whatever you want. Short and long videos, photos, pictures, short texts, and long reads – everything goes there. Facebook’s algorithms are designed to give preference to native content (that is, anything you create directly on and for Facebook), but you can easily attach a link to your post on another social network. 

Secondly, there, as on Twitter, word of mouth mechanisms are well developed. Even if only a few people share your post, many more people will see it. This is the easiest way to increase your brand awareness.

In addition, Facebook allows you to target ads so precisely that it still remains one of the cheapest promotion options – an important condition at the very beginning of the journey.

How to advance

Broadcast live. Yes, distracting users from what they’re doing and getting them to watch your videos on your terms is a challenge, but it’s worth it. In every chapter, we come to the same conclusion: let people get to know you personally. Well-considered content is great, but nothing captivates more than spontaneous laughter.

Collaborate. Join groups, look for the most popular pages on your topic, invite them to publish relevant content, communicate, comment – in general, interact with your potential audience as much as possible. Don’t wait for readers to come to you, look for them first.


Instagram ranks second after YouTube in terms of the number of stars that have risen in the open spaces of social networks. Initially a photo posting app with short captions or no captions, over time, Instagram adopted many tools from its neighbors: it launched videos, stories, and live broadcasts, and eventually turned into a multifunctional tool for creating and managing content. 

How to advance

There are tons of opportunities for promotion on Instagram: research hashtags, write direct messages, run ads in stories, organize live broadcasts, collaborate with stars, exchange audiences with successful bloggers using giveaways, marathons, etc.

Key steps towards business development:

1. Post your best content on Instagram.
2. Find what’s trending right now for relevant keywords.
3. Click on the first hashtag in the list. The first four photos belong to accounts with a total audience of over a million people.
4. Study each one. Even if they don’t work directly with the same topic, it’s possible that your services will be useful to them.
5. Send a unique personal message to each account with an offer of your services or cooperation. Write what exactly you liked about their page, why they should pay attention to you, and what you can offer them.


Podcasts are good for two reasons: firstly, even those who do not like themselves on video can engage in them, and secondly, podcasts sell time. In our ever-accelerating world, multitasking is one of the main values. It’s much easier to listen to a podcast and check your email than it is to watch a video and try to pay your bills. In addition, podcasts can be listened to in the car, on the way to work, while walking, etc.

How to advance

There is nothing more original than creating the best content that you are capable of. You will have to promote your podcast using other platforms where you already have a loyal audience or with the help of other people whose audience might be interested in what you do. 

The good news is that iTunes, for example, has podcast analytics available, so you can see exactly where your listeners stop recording and which parts they rewind.

Voice interfaces

Gary Vaynerchuk is confident that Voice-first technology will radically change the way we consume content. At the time of the book’s release, there are two key players in the market: Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and Google Assistant. The rest of the tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung will not keep you waiting.

The point is to jump on the train while it is still picking up speed. Soon people will learn the news not from the tape on the smartphone screen, but by turning to the device with the Alexa interface: “Alexa, what’s in the news today?” For example, if you sell wine, you can write down the so-called flash briefing skill – in fact, this is a brief summary of key information – with wine recommendations for different dishes. The user will not only know which wine to choose but will be able to order it right there.

Remember that the world is now driven by speed. When choosing to open the application and see the information there or get it with one voice command, people will choose the second. Voice assistants and platforms for their development are not yet as busy as YouTube or Instagram, so you still have time to take the most advantageous position.

Top 10 Thoughts 

1. Proper use of social networks is the key to success in the modern world. It is there that you can build a personal brand from scratch and launch your own business.

2. Do not limit yourself to one source of traffic, use all available channels of interaction with the audience, even if at first you do not like their format.

3. Adapt content for each specific platform. Remember that even if the audience of your channels overlaps, people use them for different purposes.

4. Don’t wait until you have enough knowledge and skills to get started. Learn as you go and invite others to witness your journey.

5. The most effective marketing strategy is word of mouth. Do not make a deal with your conscience and manage your content so that others tell each other about you.

6. Most of all, people value sincerity. Share not only marketing-adjusted content but show people who you are.

7. Mistakes are an important and valuable part of the journey. Listen to your audience and learn from it. Do not judge yourself, entrust this business to the market.

8. Forget about rest, laziness, and series if you really want to achieve something. Working in social networks is the same as all the others. Dedicate enough time and energy to her.

9. Use built-in promotional tools (like hashtags) to help your audience move between the sites you use.

10. Communicate, communicate, and communicate again. Comment, ask questions, join conversations, write private messages, and seek cooperation.

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