How to clean leather shoes: check here 13 easy tips

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The right way to clean leather shoe interferes and much in its durability. Many people think this is expert service, but this task can be simple. Check out our guide and let your shoes shine!

How to clean leather shoes: check here 13 easy tips

Leather shoes are classic and known for their comfort and long duration. But only if they are treated properly. If you’ve always been hesitant about how to clean leather shoe without spoiling it, it’s in the right place. We bring here a guide with the best way to preserve them, avoiding stains.

Besides preservation, it is interesting to keep your leather shoe always with a very careful aspect. It will be he who will give the final touch to many social costumes, and you won’t want to look unleashed at any formal occasion. Read below guidance on how to clear shoe leather and keep it always bright and looking again.

How to wash leather shoe efficiently

Cleanipedia recommends: To remove deep and more insistent synthetic leather straps, bet on cleaners like CIF Cremoso. This type of product contains microparticles that remove the most difficult spots easily and will help you when you learn how to clean leather shoe. But watch it! Test before in a small area and never use the product in leather shoes.

How to clean leather shoe: step by step

Many wash their shoes in running water or even, to reduce effort, put them in the washing machine. However, immersion in water is not the appropriate way to wash leather shoe. This material is more delicate and therefore needs special attention.

  1. 1.Como clean leather footwear
    1Because leather is quite water-sensitive, avoid things like washing leather shoes or leaving it with sauce. Also avoid using products with a lot of chemistry, prefer the neutral or specific ones for cleaning this material.
  2. 2.Retirar waste
    First, remove the debris and waste with a hard bristle brush, making light movements so as not to risk these sediments scratch the leather.
  3. 3.Limpar shoe with a soft cloth
    The most suitable way to clean leather shoe is with a flannel or other soft cloth passing it through the surface and interior of the footwear.
  4. 4.Umedecer the cloth
    Then lay the cloth with a specific product, depending on whether the leather is treated or not, which can be checked on the shoe label or box. If not too dirty or stained, you can use a flannel moistened with water only.
  5. 5.Enxugar footwear
    Finally, wash your footwear and let it dry completely outdoors and at room temperature.

How to hydrate leather shoe

To keep your shoe always with new and shiny appearance, and to avoid racing, you need to hydrate it and make your polishing sporadically. But first, make sure to follow the instructions above how to wash leather shoe. Look for a shoe closest to a specific footwear moisturizer if you don’t find it, use a neutral body moisturizer.

  • 1.Retirar the lumps
    Retire the lumps.
  • 2.Passe a moisturizer layer
    With the help of a cloth, pass a moisturizer layer and let it act for a few minutes.
  • 3.Polir the leather
    Now is the time to polish the leather, use wax, grease or some other polisher in the proper color and with a flat cloth – can be an old cotton shirt – Circular movements, to cover the entire shoe extension in a uniform way, and let dry.
  • 4.Dar brightness
    To finish, pass a soft bristle brush or flannel to give shine.

Important tip: Never leave leather shoes – be it synthetic or natural – dry in the sun or in the machine, as they can dry and end cracking and discoloration. Dry them in an airy and illuminated environment, but the heat is not intense.

Special care how to clean leather footwear

The following you find more guidance on how to clean leather shoe and preserve it:

  1. 1.Secar wet shoes
    To dry wet shoes use newspaper, which is a great absorbent. Place some leaves inside and press slightly to remove excess water, then repeat the process at least twice. This prevents your shoe from smelling bad, but attention to not forgetting the newspaper inside, since it drops paint and can stain your dear pair.
  2. 2.Utilizar banana peel to polish
    As much unusual as it looks, the banana peel can be used to moisturize and polish the leather, due to the potassium oil present in it. To do this, rub the inner part of the shell on the surface of the footwear.
  3. 3.Batata raw to clean the shoe
    Another unexpected tip: using raw potatoes is another way to clean the shoe. Moisture leather should be treated with vaselin or glycerin.
  4. 4.Utilizar shoes molds
    Even for the most careful, to prevent them from loving and losing the format over time, use a shoe mould when saving your best peers. Invest in wooden shoots, preferably virgin cedar, which better absorb moisture and odor.

Frequently asked questions about how to clear leather shoe

Can you teach how to clear white leather tenis?
Never wash shoes or leather shoes by dipping them in buckets with water or in the washing machine. To clean tenis leather seat use a little white toothpaste and rub gently with a brush. Take the product with damp cloth and dry with another already dry cloth.
What care or how to hydrate leather boot?

To take care of leather boot the best way is to hydrate it with its own product for this purpose. But it is also possible to use body moisturizer, vegetable oils, olive oil and vaseline. In all cases, it is enough to apply a small amount throughout the piece and let it dry naturally, finalizing with dry cloth.

How to hydrate leather shoe?

You can use the same products as in the above topic. Start by passing a dipped cloth only with water to remove dirt, dry cloth dry and apply the product you prefer.