How to dye clothes: 7 techniques to renew your parts at home

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Did you make that old, fuzzy piece? See below how to dye clothes and give new life to your wardrobe without spending too much.

How to dye clothes: 7 techniques to renew your parts at home

Learning how to dye clothes can be a practical and economical alternative to create your own looks, or give new life to faded fabrics. However, those who have no idea how to dye fabric, usually imagine to be something complicated, and avoid risking for fear of damaging parts.

On the contrary, home dyeing is an easy process to do, and it can be even fun for those who are interested in creating clothes with a unique style!

Factors that impact the dyeing of clothing

Although techniques are quite simple, before starting the dyeing process consider some factors that will be decisive for the quality of the final result:

The type of fabric used;

The color of the dye;

The ink mark chosen.

The easiest dyeing fabrics are those of natural fibers, such as 100% cotton, while synthetic fabrics are the most complicated. Likewise, the color and model of the piece influence much on pigmentation and therefore the light-colored clothing and no prints are the best option for those who are starting.

You will also see that depending on the ink mark, you will use liquid or powder paint for dyeing.

What to use to dye clothes

Traditionally, many materials can be used in this process. It has like dyeing clothes with dye, powder dye, or with acrilex liquid fabric paints, for example. However, for those who prefer to work with natural products, it is possible to replace woven with teas and even some foods.

Darkest teas, such as black or hibiscus tea, are ideal for dyeing clear clothes, depending on the tone they leave in the water. If you want to dye using food, the best options are also those of strong color, such as coffee, purple onion bark, beet, spinach, turmeric and red fruits.

Check out the best tips to dye fabric at home and renovate your wardrobe without spending much!

Tip: If you are looking to learn how to dye jeans clothes, know that in these cases homemade dyes do not work so well, and only specialized products will be really effective to change the color of the fabric.

  • You will need to:
  • Big Pan
  • Colher de pau
  • Basin
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Water
  • Woven Ink
  • White Slim
  • How to Dye Clothes with Woven Ink
  • There are many ways of dyeing clothes, but the best known technique is dyeing with hot water. See how to dye clothes with acrilex ink for clothes or dye:
  1. 1.Lave clothing
    Navigate the garment you want to dye with fabric ink.
  2. 2.Dissolva The dye
    Then put the rubber gloves and in a pan dissolve the dye or tissue ink into water as instructed by the manufacturer.
  3. 3.Coloque the piece to dye with fabric paint
    Then put the garment in the pan and let it boil for 30 minutes, continuously stirring with the pau spoon, to avoid stains.
  4. 4.Deixe of sauce
    Tray the part and put it in a bowl with white water and vinegar or with water and salt, which will serve as color fixers.
  5. 5.Throw and dry
    The last step is to rinse the peca and put it to dry in the shade. Done! Now you know how to dye clothes with fabric ink.

Attention: Not all clothes can be washed with hot water, so check the instructions on the part label before starting the dyeing process with fabric ink.

As cold dyeing

To dye cold clothes, it’s important to use a woven ink found in specialized stores. The advantage is that, with this technique, the pigment is fixed for much longer, and the clothes do not so easily. To dye cold clothes, do the following:

  • 1.Encha 1⁄3 of a bucket with cold water and add paint until it reaches the desired color.
  • 2.Deixe the dipped tissue for a few minutes, so that it absorbs the pigment well.
  • 3.Por end, carefully twist the piece, turn it off and hang it on the varal by the extractions, leaving it dry in the shade.
  • How to dye white clothes
  • Learning how to dye white clothes is a good alternative for those who want to come to renovate their keepa-roupa but have little experience with dyeing of fabrics. Comme les light parts are ideal because the new coloration easily consists of the fibers of the tissue, semi contrasting with the original tonality. Here are some suggestions for dyeing white clothes :

How to dye white clothes with tea

  1. 1.Encha a large pan with water and put it to boil.
  2. 2.Em then put in the water some tea sachets you chose to dye the piece. Idéal is to use a tea bag for every 200 ml of water. Therefore, if you need 1 liter of water to dye the piece, put 5 tea sachets.
  3. 3.Aguarde gives you minutes until the water is the color of the tea. The longer you leave, the stronger the color.
  4. 4.Antes to start dyeing, wash white clothing as usual, but without putting it to dry.
  5. 5.Em then hang out water tea sachets and discard them. It isgrand that the fabric has no contact with anything solid, to prevent stains.
  6. 6.Coloque white clothing in tea-colored water and leave sauce for an hour.
  7. 7.Retire water clothing and put it in a bowl with water and a little white vinegar, leaving sauce for more aussi 10 minutes.
  8. 8.Para finish, twist well the piece and put it to dry in the shade.

How to dye white clothes with degrading effect

  • 1.Lave white clothing as usual.
  • 2.Escolha the dyeing method, i.e. whether it will be with paint for fabric or natural products, and process it normally (watering and coloring).
  • 3.Para consecrate the degrading effect, instead of putting the underwear into the water, go wetting the piece gradually, so that the clothing is vertical, and that the bottom (which can be the t-shirt bar or dress) stay in touch with the water.
  • 4.Coloque first the bottom of the clothes in the witch and wait 20 minutes. It is necessary to hold the clothes so that the coloring does not spread throughout the piece.
  • 5.Em then wet another piece of the clothing in this maîtura, and wait 15 minutes. If you want to increase the coloring effect, wet another piece of clothing and wait 10 minutes.
  • 6.Quando achieve the desired coloring, put the sauce clothing for 10 minutes in a bucket with water and paint fixer, or with a solution of water and white vinegar.
  • 7.Por end, rinse the clothes and put it to dry in the shade.

How to dye clothes with nuances and color variations

It is also possible to make color bruises and drawings by dyeing your clothing, to make it even more unique and embodied.

  1. 1.Drive the fabric with a solution of water and alcohol, kneading it so it is fully covered by the liquid.
    2.Espalhe hadines of a tissue ink diluent on the part and then do the same with colors inks of your favoriteence.
    3.Continue kneading and rubbing the tissue, and make the process in the echelle fish of the part.
    4.Seque the piece dyed in the microwave for a few minutes (if no metal or zippery possessions) or naturally century.

  2. Like dyeing fuzzy black clothing
    Unlike white clothing, which is plus simple of being dyed, it’s pre-requisite to know how to dye black clothing correctly to get good results and for assuring color durability. For those who have a piece that faded, or are wondering, “How do I dye a pants of black ?”, follows the indicated technique :
  • 1.Encha a bucket with water and add the paint of fabric.
  • 2.Depois, put some white vinegar and bruure.
  • 3.Em then fusionne un piece on the bucket and leave it for 40 minutes.
  • 4.Por end, rinse the part until it stops dropping paint and put it to dry.

Tip: In addition to frequent use, the flushing of clothing is the result of washing done wrongly. Egrand knows how to wash jeans properly, and have special care with dark parts in general, so that dyeing dure plus longtemps.

What to do to pin paint to clothes

After dyeing clothes, even if you use them and wash them very often, you can keep your pieces in good condition by performing careful washing of colored clothes.

In addition to washing care, it is essential to add a color fixer during the dyeing process, so that the color is not removed easily, leaving the piece faded. The most common is that a fixing product, which can be purchased together with the paint or dye of fabrics, is used. However, if you do not find a traditional fixator to buy, both white vinegar and salt, mixed with some water, can be used to fix the color in the tissues.

Now that you know the best techniques and know how to dye clothes, it is ready to update your style without disbursing too much money or spending long hours at the mall. So how about repagining that clothing you haven’t used for months?

Frequently asked questions about dyeing clothes

Do you have to dye black clothes?

Yes, yes. First, make sure that the fabric is dyed. Then you can use a black dye along with a color fixer, so the dye will last for longer. If the fabric is not dyeable at home, look for a professional in the area.

Can you learn how to dye fuzzy black clothing?

The best indication is dye or black fabric ink along with color fixer. Add the two ingredients in a bucket with water and a spoon of vinegar. And remember that the piece often comes out for lack of care at the time of washing.

Do you dye clothes with fabric ink?

Set a pot with water and add paint. Turn off the fire and put the piece in the pot, leaving it to work for about 30 minutes. Remove the piece and put it to dry.