How to fold baby body: 3 shapes and tips to organize small pieces

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They are small and charming, but children’s clothing will bring you never imagined challenges like folding baby body.

How to fold baby body: 3 shapes and tips to organize small pieces
How to fold baby body: 3 shapes and tips to organize small pieces

Among the many challenges that involve motherhood, hardly passed through your head that would be researching on the internet like folding baby body, right?

These lovely little pieces that are baby clothes have unique folding challenges. But don’t despair! There are some folding systems you can experience.

You will need to:
Ironing Iron

How to Double Long Sleeve Bee Body

Before all, find a large, flat surface to fold the clothes. Marie Kondo’s body of cleaning and organization teaches some perfect methods for people living in small spaces, but really anyone can benefit from it, including moms!

  1. 1.Dobre sleeves
    Start putting the piece horizontally and folding the body into the direction of length, on each side, and hold the sleeves.
  2. Tip: Make sure the pieces are clean and in case of baby stains or dirt, wash it with your own soap.
  3. 2.Estique the whole piece
    Align the piece to smooth any saliences or wrinkles and bend the apple in three parts, starting at the bottom.
  4. 3.Dobre The part of the pants
    Then bring the two feet up until they are almost doubled in the middle.
  5. 4.Take two more folds in the bathrobe
    After doing this, double fold to make a triple fold and then ready to be placed in the drawer.

Although the KonMari method is complete, some parents may prefer some other technique. For example, folding the pieces in half and then rolling.

Bonus Tips: Among the trunfo tips for routine with babies, in this case coming out of the kitchen field, cleaning and hygiene of bottles, pacifiers, etc. and keeping focus on the clothes, this method is better if you need to save space in the closet. To do this, you need a hanger bag for bulky items such as coats and snowwear. This will help to compress the material and create more storage space.

Baby clothes are a little more complicated to bend because they are small even compared to our hands, with a little patience gives to leave the baby’s clothes well organized. And to make them perfumed and soft you bet on choosing a baby-friendly, like the products of the Comfort line that contains suitable formula for this type of clothing.

Frequently asked questions about how to fold baby body

I have more than one baby. How do I maintain the organization?

You need to maximize your storage space and use it intelligently. You can use a combination of hang and fold, depending on the storage options available. Maybe one brother’s clothes are folded while the other’s clothes are hanging. You can also install a second grid in the closet – the clothes of babies and children are very short, so most cabinets can easily have an extra grid (or even two!) and fold the space to hang. If the cabinet is large you can add small rooms or rails internally in order to duplicate the space.

What is the best way to double the bib?

The best hint is to use the Roll-Up method. Simply fold the neck strap down and wrap to finish so that the handles get stuck inside the scroll.

Doing rollers with baby’s pants can reduce space too?

Yes and you can finish the scroll differently. That is, fold them in half and hold them in the groin. After doing this, wrap your pants legs in a cylinder.