Book of Hope. Hard Times Survival Guide: awesome summary by ebookhike

Douglas Carlton Abrams, Jane Goodall The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times Douglas Carlton Abrams, Jane Goodall 2021 Authors: Jane Goodall, Douglas Abrams  What is hope? (Book of Hope) Judging by the news, animals and plants are going through hard times right now. Their populations are rapidly declining. Forests and grasslands are being turned […]

A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilber Summary By ebookhike

Author: Ken Wilber Marry Freud and Buddha A Brief History of Everything: Ken Wilber, the creator of integral philosophy, aims to find the truth in every culture and connect these truths in the common Cosmos as the goal of his life’s searches. Various attempts at this kind of synthesis are made all the time, but […]

Little Bets free Summary and audio book by Ebookhike

by Peter Sims INTRODUCTION Little Bets: Have you ever heard the story of the mustard seed? The significance of a mustard seed can’t be overstated, given how small it is. Even though pumpkin seeds and beans are small, they have a hefty nutritional profile nonetheless. Clearly, they’re here. For the time being, we can hold […]

Born to Run book free Summary Ebookhike

by Christopher McDougall in Motivation & Inspiration born to run book born to run book summary Born to Run (2009) is a great resource if you’ve ever dreamed of running a marathon. Everybody can learn to run, and McDougall challenges the assumption that marathon runners are some kind of superhuman species. Christopher McDougall presents a […]

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