Tips for cleaning hairless carpet effortlessly

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The rugs make the environment much more cozy and comfortable, and give a special touch in the decoration of your home. But either by size or material, it’s not always easy to make them clean. We separate some tips to clean the furry carpet without having great problems.

cleaning hairless carpet

Who has carpets at home has certainly asked about how to wash without damaging the material. We separate some tips to clean the furry carpet without stress to help at this time. In addition to leaving the decoration much more welcoming, the rugs also give more comfort, especially in cold days. The different options of prints and colors, materials, sizes and formats allow creativity to be loose when decorating your home. Whether next to bed, in front of the couch or even in front of the shower box, they make a difference in everyday life, right?

To ensure their durability without diminishing the comfort they provide, it is essential to clean properly and prevent the dirt from accumulating too much, as hairs can get embarrassed over time. If you have questions, you can also count on OMO Laundry services, specialist in carpet cleaning, blankets, edredon, etc. If you don’t know where to find, just search for laundry near me or self-service laundry in your browser. But if you still, you prefer to follow with housekeeping, see the tips to cleanse a furry carpet:

How to wash mats at home?

The first step and that can greatly facilitate the next steps is to pass a vacuum cleaner throughout the piece. Removing dust with the wet carpet prevents it from getting stuck to the fibers, making cleaning deeper and more complete.

The next step is very important, although many people avoid: read the label of the piece! Manufacturers use different methods of making, which makes processes different at washing time and is on this label you will find all the information you need to increase the durability of each carpet. Some do not tolerate the use of bleachers, while others should not be exposed directly to the sun.

One way is also to choose dry laundry to treat your carpets.

It depends on material type and size. Some parts have a more delicate structure, being preferable to hand washing, while others are more resistant. The size is also important, so the best is to wash smaller rugs and day to day in the machine and leave to wash the larger in wider spaces such as in the tank or in the backyard.

Tips for removing pet hair from the furry carpet?

Passing the vacuum cleaner often will greatly ease the problem. As cats and dogs end up dropping a lot through the house, the carpet will also accumulate them. But it is possible to remove easily using a rubber glove made especially for this function, which can be easily found in online stores or pet shops. Texture will facilitate effortless removal.

Frequently asked questions about tips for cleaning furry carpet

How to clean felpudo carpet?

First, pass the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other dusts. Then a washing brush on a bucket with the OMO soap of your choice and rub to clean well. But be careful not to too wet the carpet. Finally, let it dry in a ventilated place and preferably with indirect sunlight to avoid fading.

Can you clean a brown furry carpet?

If normal cleaning does not solve, you need to use a more potent mixture to remove the spots. It can vary according to the origin of the stain, but you can remove a lot of them just moistening the site with white vinegar and leaving to act for a few minutes. It’s important not to let it dry. After, remove using the brush with soap and let dry.

Does anyone know how to clean the dry fur carpet?

This tip is sensational to clean your carpet without using water! Besides fast, it’s very practical. Mix the same proportion of corn starch and sodium bicarbonate. The quantity must conform to the size of the part to be sanitized. Then apply on the whole carpet, ensuring that the mixture is not just over, so it is a good idea to apply with your hand to reach the full extent of the fibers. Then just remove the whole mixture with the vacuum cleaner and ready, your carpet will be clean!